Latest Project In-Progress - Geometric Design


This one will be a short post; it's 9pm Sunday night and I just finished soldering my latest project.  The design was inspired by a postcard I bought once at the Hirshhorn Museum in D.C. (that was a loonggg time ago, I can't even remember when I was there last).  I tend to pick up a lot of postcards of images I like, then they sit in a drawer - I came across the stack recently and pulled this one out to turn into a design for a glass project.  

The artist is Stanton Macdonald-Wright; the painting is called Conception Symphony.  I didn't set out to copy it, but just make something with a similar color scheme and geometric design.  I used a compass, circle stencil, and straight edge to come up with my design.

When I picked colors, I wanted to use up some half- and quarter-sheets of some bright colors I have, so I used lots of different shades.  And for the background, I have lots of clear textured glass, so used different textures in different parts of the background.  Here it is after the foiling step:


Yesterday evening, I started soldering, and got about halfway through the front.  I wanted to finish it up today so I could wash off all the flux.  It's now completely soldered, flux is washed, and next step will be to frame it:


It's important not to let the flux sit on the glass too long since it can stain the glass, and damage any copper foil that is fluxed but not soldered.  I use CJ's flux remover to clean the piece after soldering.  You don't need much, a little bit goes a long way; I put a little puddle on the piece and then use a brush to clean in all the crevices; then rinse it in the sink.

Next time I show a pic of this one, it will be framed!  I'm really happy with how the cheerful colors look!